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There’s a little something something for all in today’s recap. Where to begin…

Maybe with animals.

Several pronghorn antelope were spotted and if you’ve never seen a herd trot away, put that on your bucket list. Seriously. They will make you smile.

And the cattle. Usually the curious cows look up and stare until we are out of site. (Yes I ring my bike bell at them.) Today we practically had an all out stampede.

And I’m very sorry to report many more deceased birds today than snakes yesterday. I don’t mind snakes but I like birds a lot better. Sorry to see so many casualties today.

But the biggest impact today was the smallest animal – the mosquitos. They were tortuous. Apparently Saco is known as mosquito central. Who knew? As we made our way east they got worse.

Montanans kept asking how we could tolerate being outside. They told us the swarms had been know to take down a horse.

When we stopped for a drink at a convenience store and talked to a woman whose Ford pickup looked like she’d been four wheelin’ she related instead – mosquitoes. Check the vid for a visual.

Who knew? Montana. Mosquitoes.

Then there is always weather. Storm clouds skirted around us all afternoon but the heavens didn’t break open until we were safely checked into the hotel.

Some tailwinds and a bit of crosswinds for good measure kept us right near our target of 70 miles a day.

Solid shoulders with moderate rumble strips today made for good riding.

Montana drivers were alert, courteous and scant.

So much of today was just big sky and long roads. Just the way we like it!

Laundry is done. Devices charged. Maps checked and Tom discovered Spotify. Life is good.

I’d say it was an awesome day for bike ridin’.

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