#acaNoTier Cardston, Alberta to Cut Bank, MT, 73 miles | 1,000 Miles Completed!

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Nice, nice ride today and that wasn’t what we were expecting – not that we are Debbie Downers but it was that forecast we kept checking…

Tailwinds, downhills and very little traffic – most everything a cyclist could ask for. And lots of wide open spaces.

We encountered only about 10 raindrops all day and that’s when we walked out the door. Yay!

After making oatmeal with walnuts and craisins at the hotel we chomped down bagels slathered with peanut butter for breakfast and of course lots of coffee. Push ups, planks and prayers and we were on our way.

We didn’t eat again until we rolled into Cut Bank a little over 70 miles later. Well there was that bag of Tootsie rolls that jumped in my bag at the little market in Del Bonita and the peanuts Tom snacked on. We need to do better on that today.

We were ready for food when we finished at Cut Bank having completed our first 1,000 miles. Cut Bank is known as the place where the Rockies meet the plains.

Coincidentally the Cut Bank Brewery was on the way to our camp spot in an RV Park and the food truck was just pulling in so problem solved.

We are finding that averaging 70 miles a day works well for us but we are hoping for some higher mileage days if we get some westerly winds to carry us.

Also trying to eat only one meal out and cooking two in camp is working well. We will see how the next couple weeks go.

My day began with a missed opportunity to love though, and it’s been on my mind all day.

We had just read through the gospel and darned if I didn’t miss an opportunity.

Within 100 yards of leaving the hotel we were approached by a native named Jim, in need of quite a bit of dental work, and wearing a Brett Farve Jersey. He asked for money and although we didn’t have any Canadian money, I did have a Payday in my bike bag. He probably would have been thrilled had I handed it over.

I just couldn’t get Jim off my mind all day. Usually when there is a missed opportunity to concretely love someone, there is another chance shortly after. None today but maybe there will be tomorrow. It would have been just so easy to think a little longer about what he needed than thinking of my fast response.

Tom is fast asleep after cleaning the bikes, lubing the chains and showering up. The cows are lowing, the trains are rolling by. Out of one side of the tent there is a tepee and the other side, the sunset. Oh and did I mention there is WiFi?

What a charmed life we are living. #grateful

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