#acaNoTier Glacier National Park, 24 Miles | The Sound of Sunshine

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Thanks to Tom doing his sundance jig first thing today the sun was shining all day long and we enjoyed a spectacular day. Thanks Montana! Thanks Tom!

Our friends Karl and Barb Meyer stopped by this morning to firm up our rendezvous in Hungry Horse tomorrow when Finn Dog gets here. THESE peeps are true outdoor folk and could be river or equestrian guides at any outfitter. Can’t wait to hear more of their stories tomorrow night when Finn get here.

First stop was the post office to see if our package arrived and indeed it did. Front panniers, warm gloves and a care package (daughter to parents instead of the other way around). Thanks Anne, Gordon and John! We especially love the chocolate covered Oreos.

Once the bags were on, we pit stopped for some more coffee, bagels, oatmeal and peanut butter. #biketravelstaples

Then off to ride toward Polebridge. We’ve been there before by car and knew we wouldn’t make it all the way since the last 14 miles are gravel. Nevertheless we opted for a short ride with a few hills to keep us honest.

Oh and we got a “pass”. Logan Pass that is. It is OPEN to thru bikers. So up and over we will go on Sunday, weather permitting to Canada.

We picnicked by Lake McDonald planned our border crossing then went back to our campsite to get organized to leave tomorrow for Hungry Horse and make dinner.

We will return to GNP on Sunday to hit Logan Pass.

And BTW we just heard the weather forecast for tomorrow. Another sundance is needed. 🤣

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