#acaNoTier Eureka to Whitefish, 59 miles | Tobacco Road

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We’re not sure where this day went but before we knew it, we were in Whitefish with just under 60 miles in and more hills tackled.

Although the day start chilly it was sunny! Yay!

Tobacco Road, the way Adventure Cycling mapped the Northern Tier route was lovely – some climbs to keep us warm and get our hearts and legs working right away, nice road surface and very little traffic. Just the way we like it.

Plus the bikepacker racers were on our route for a while. Tom chatted with a husband and wife, one from the U.K. and one from Denmark.

We also met Pierre, a French Canadian chemist who is bike touring around the area on an extended trip while his biologist wife finishes up work in the Rockies.

Before we knew it we were in Whitefish looking for The Downtowner where we will lay up a day to clean bikes, go to Mass, get new tires for my bike and get some supplies for the next couple days. And ice cream. Maybe twice.

We confirmed some disappointing news today, however, that Logan Pass is not open to through traffic at all, not even bike traffic. Not sure what that means for our next few days but it might cut out the trip to Canada and a little over a 100 miles of our trip. 🙁 We’ll see what the next couple days brings.

Not sure if anyone can resonate but sometimes it’s hard to take a day off when you’re building momentum and feeling good. Praise God we feel stronger every day, safe and well loved.

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