#acaNoTier Glacier National Park, 52 Miles | Chasing the Sun

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Cell and WiFi service is sketchy up here in Glacier, nevertheless we are blogging on.

It got chilly last night but we slept like babies, although we didn’t cry like babies when Tom gave the tires a feel and discovered a rear flat. I cooked some breakfast while he quickly changed it.

In short order we tooled around West Glacier looking for WiFi and scouted out the Belton Chalet tap room to meet our Indy friends on Saturday.

Logan Pass is still closed to through traffic but cars can go to Avalanche and bike traffic up to the loop. Now THAT was amazing! A route to nearly the top with no car traffic! Naturally we cycled as far as we could and got a little over 50 miles in but again it was cold, rainy and foggy. #weeping

Montana you are a fickle friend but we still love you. All day long we have been chasing the sun.

We met Jay today, a 24 four year old bike traveler with such good energy and knowledge to share (thanks for the Airdrop tip, Jay!)

Although a convo about his route and bike set up started the evening we finished it up at the campsite sharing some popcorn, a couple Shandys and hearing all about his family, girlfriend, Ellie, and future plans. He’s camping at the site next to us and will also lay up a day to do some exploring in GNP.

As we neared our campsite after the day’s riding we stopped in and snagged some food, bevvies and two warm huckleberry cobblers with a scoop of ice cream. Can’t forget the ice cream.

We decided then and there to ride the pass again tomorrow if it’s a sunny day, just for the “sun” of it!

We will see what tomorrow brings. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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