#acaNoTier Newport to Clark Fork, 65 miles | So Long Washington – Thanks for the Memories

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Well hello Idaho! Washington we will miss you dearly for you are where we started but dang it’s fun to cross a state line and start another map!

Today was epic for both of us. We both feel like we are getting stronger physically and also working well as a team.

Last night we camped in a mosquito infested area and went to bed without showers (nothing new) with multiple layers of sunscreen and bug juice on. #yuk

We just don’t think about the yuckiness of cycling over 80 miles hauling bags in hot weather, cooking outdoors and then getting in a sleeping bag.

We got up early, did our pushups and planks and got the he11 out of Dodge in search of coffee and a meal. As we were just three miles out of Newport, mission accomplished.

McDonalds did NOT disappoint.

After a good hour, 45 minute session and ordering food twice, charging up all devices, bathroom duty and planning the next three days we considered it a worthy reason to get a late start riding.

Next stop was the Safeway to get 2-3 days of provisions and finally we were on our way.

The ride today was remarkable – the bike trail through Sand Point, circling around half of Lake Pend Oreille, mountains as our constant companion and finally our first hotel stop.

The views were once again spectacular. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to take pics.

The Clark Fork Lodge couldn’t be better. Gizmo the doggie greeted us when we arrived. There is a laundry next door, a tavern within walking distance, a kitchenette in our room (to give all of our kitchen gear a good cleaning) and a clean shower with no visitors (human or animal).

Some highlights of the day include spotting four osprey (different locations) and a bald eagle, chatting with Martin, a Slovakian who has been touring the western US for 2.5 months (in the vid notice he carries a large bear canister and bunch of bananas), and we caught up with Mick again – our fellow cyclist from Virginia. He shared that he has cycled all over the world including Australia, New Zeland, and all over Europe. At 71 years of age and the amount of travel he has experienced, he has such perspective. I hope we meet again so we can learn more from him.

So tonight is our first hotel stay. And tomorrow may be our first experience with rain. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Newport to Clark Fork, 65 miles | So Long Washington – Thanks for the Memories”

  1. Wow! We need to follow Mick too.. hearing about him makes me want to know him! Love the Aussies! 😊 You guys, my whole fam is following you and living your adventure and inspiration!

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