#acaNoTier Colville to Newport, 82 miles | Short on Pics; Long on Miles

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Tom’s turn to post:

We were off for a destination or campsite near Usk, WA for a 70 mile ride. Beautiful countryside riding. We had a few climbs during the early part of the day, but the ride was mostly flat with some rollers. This was a very remote ride with very few services and cell connection, but was my favorite ride to date.

At about mile 25 we found a lodge store/cafe to buy some provisions and some snacks. Next stop Ione, WA at mile 36 where we will grab lunch. Unfortunately once arriving in Ione, WA, the restaurant was not open 😔. So next stop, Usk 35 miles away. (Tom is getting a little hungry and needs a Snicker Bar 😁)

We reached our campsite destination and find it is closed because of flooding of the Pend Oreille River from too much snow melt. So on to Newport for another unplanned 15 miles. We arrived at Pioneer Campground and found our friends Dave/Dan who invited us to set up a tent on their site which is what bicyclers do.

Another highlight was meeting Mick, a robust, old timer who was also riding NT. Interesting fella that demonstrates a lot of courage and perseverance.

From Deb: Today (Thursday) was the first opportunity to pray the Luminous mysterious. Keep your prayers coming, and updates too.

Also Tombo saw an elk and her calf yesterday on the road. Couldn’t get a pic as she quickly ran away.

9 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Colville to Newport, 82 miles | Short on Pics; Long on Miles”

  1. This is Uli from Germany again. Eight days on tour and every day lovely weather! You must be two lucky fellows!
    Keep on rolling and best wishes from Germany.


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