GDMBR Day 7 | Seeley Lake to Lincoln | 69 miles, 4,265 ft elevation | Surprises Around Every Corner

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Although there were a couple “longish”, straight, dusty, gravelly roads there were many twisty turns that presented some surprises today.

We woke up to a chilly 45 degrees at Seeley Lake. After quickly donning puffies, getting food out of the bear box and packing up we peddled down to the gas station for coffee and breakfast sammies. Delicious!

Many of you have seen news of the freak and tragic event that happened in Ovando last week where 65 year old retired nurse and cycling champion Leah Lokan was killed by a grizzly bear while camping. Our route took us right through Ovando today and we wanted to stop to support the community. It might seem like a odd thing to do but riders on the Great Divide and the communities that support us are like family so it seemed like the right thing to do.

After putting away a second breakfast of pancakes and bacon at the iconic Stray Bullet we were off to tackle Huckleberry Pass and a couple of unexpected surprises.

As mentioned before we cyclists are a bit like family. Before we ventured out on our ride I followed several riders already on the route. Most I never expected to meet but today, as we were climbing up the rocky road to the pass, here comes Marion and Fred! They are northbounders who started in Antelope Wells which means they are almost done. They are speedy riders and putting in some high miles most every day so I’m glad the route was rocky at that point otherwise they may have whizzed by on their decent. They are lovely people who post about every other day on Instagram. Their advice for us to was to slow down because the ride goes much too quickly. Not sure if I could go any slower than I already was riding up that pass. 😂

It’s hot, dry and most of the roads we cycle on are gravel so when cars and ATVs go by they throw up a lot of dust. Here’s our solution to getting dusted.

Once up and over the pass we headed to Lincoln, Montana where we planned on tenting in the city park. Turning the corner to head in to town we were surprised to find… wait for it…

The Lincoln Bike Rally! I mean there were hundreds of motorcycles everywhere! We were pretty hot, hungry and tired and anxious about finding quick food and bevvies and a place to bed down down for the night. Certainly all of the motels in the small town would be occupied and it seemed like many of the events were held at the city park. What to do?

We asked our waitress at the Steak House if she had any ideas besides the city park and she suggested The Wheel Inn down the road.

Sure enough the owner said we could throw our tent up with the others in bar/restaurant’s back yard. Owner Doug and wife Laurie have four grown children and eleven grandchildren and have made Lincoln their home for many years. Laurie has worked with local government to get Lincoln to support the many Great Divide cyclists who ride through as well as many Continental Divide hikers. I mean these are goooood people who like to give back.

Doug let us know that the event organizers, The Tenacious Dames, were headed back his way for the event’s wet tee shirt contest and we would get to see who won “Best Bike” at the 2021 Rally in the Valley. Doug actually got to be on the panel of voters! (For the motorcycles not the wet tee shirt contest.)

Soon we found ourselves in the midst of more leather, motorcycles and unique tattoos than we’ve ever seen and it was a blast to see. We didn’t take part in any contests mind you, but enjoyed spending the evening with folks we might otherwise never met.

Tomorrow we tackle our highest pass yet and then on to the Llama Ranch miles north of Helena. Thanks for following our ride!

Me trying to finish this post this morning. 😜

Click on the image below to view the video.

8 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 7 | Seeley Lake to Lincoln | 69 miles, 4,265 ft elevation | Surprises Around Every Corner”

  1. Look like a school girl there, Debster‼️😂
    I agree with fellow cyclist, enjoy the ride, people and scenery. Looks like you got it covered! Ride on🍀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was. We have been extremely careful and proactive in avoiding encounters with any bears. Glad to hear we are out of their fave habitat. Thanks for following along, Mike!


  2. David and I are enjoying your travel blog! We agree, the highlight of our biking trips have been the folks we met along the way! So kind of you to support the grizzly attack community; we definitely thought you must have been in the area! Stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey there! Thank you for following along! As you can tell from the pics, it’s magical up here.
      Kinda hard but worth it. Looking forward to each day. 😊


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