GDMBR Day 6 | Holland Lake to Seeley Lake | 34 miles, 2,940 ft elevation | How Do You Eat an Elephant?

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Just take one bite at a time. This advice comes from one of my fave books about the Great Divide. Written by Grace Ragland, Divide by One provided not only inspiration but lots of laughs and some ride intel. I resonate with this particular quote because today I was anxious about the single track and its preceding climb. Thanks for the advice, Grace… I chewed both up, just one bite (mile) at a time. And I most enjoyed it with the love of my life.

There was little hiccup this morning when packing up. We were all ready to go and I was getting ready to load the course for the day and I couldn’t find my Garmin. Crap! Was it lost? Was it in the tent that was already packed up? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Tom remembered I slept in my puffy the night before. Sure enough… it was there in my coat pocket. #allgood

And then there was the other day when I thought I left my riding glasses at the last rest stop and I was wearing them. 🙄 Thank goodness for Tom’s patience and Grace’s sense of humor. For sure she’d say something to make light of it.

Early during the ride today an elk bounded across our path. Sorry no pic but believe me, she was grand.

Because the brush was so thick today, we’re in bear country and we were on a bit of single track in a fairly remote area we are practically hoarse from naming our states and capitals, playing rhyming games, reviewing multiplication tables, and seeing who could name the most Indiana breweries (so glad Dan and Christie aren’t playing ‘cause they would surely win) all ALOUD and loudly. Does anyone know any military jodies they would like to share? #lemmeknow #scarethebearsaway

Our Spokane amigos consisted of five friendly riders that happened to be parked at the RV camp a couple nights ago. They were riding the same route as us but are exiting via the Missoula Spur.

We were leapfrogging all day, applauding for each other when we hit a summit. Then came the navigation snafu. The Garmin said left and the paper map said straight. What to do?

Tom and I opted for the Garmin directions and went down into the abyss and unknown to us, so did dos amigos. It was trail ratchet most of the way. We had to get off bikes frequently to navigate the steep ditches and rocks. #notfun But the road spit us out after about five miles and soon we saw our buds again. We’ll miss them and wish them well. Nice peeps.

When we got to Big Larch campground it was bike maintenance, a swim and dinner. Is there such a thing as a routine when riding the Great Divide?

Tomorrow we head to Ovando for some pancakes and resupply. Then perhaps on to Lincoln. We’ll see how we feel. We sure appreciate all the follows, comments and prayers. We’re having a lot of fun!

3 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 6 | Holland Lake to Seeley Lake | 34 miles, 2,940 ft elevation | How Do You Eat an Elephant?”

  1. With Tom’s singing ?,Yogi and friends are bound to stay away 🤠🍀👍‼️
    Love your reflective photo on stump, Deb. You guys rock🤩

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  2. With all the humans singing along the GDMBR I wonder if there are any bears out there with earworms? Songs that are stuck in their heads that they can’t seem to forget. According to Wikipedia that is called an ‘Earworm’ no kidding. 🙂

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