GDMBR Day 5 | Swan Lake to Holland Lake | 55 miles, 3,780 ft elevation | Roly Poly

Riding Stats


It was a roly poly type of riding day with frequent ups and downs with all the riding on forest roads. Well there was that one part of grassy single track and all that makes for a slower day than on pavement. We only saw two cars all day.

But we did meet this sweet couple from Denver who is riding a small section of the Divide in western Montana. They are leaving the trail to close on their first house in Denver. Congrats to Andrew and Anna!

Although it was a roly poly type of day it ended up with us finding the sweetest campsite yet atop a hill overlooking beautiful Holland Lake.

Our friend Finn tipped us off about Holland Lake Lodge. We popped in and the best news of the day was was they had Chicago style popcorn. It was like a oasis in the middle of nowhere. Christian filled our water bottles and then we Adhirondacked it with a couple of bevvies overlooking the Mission Mountain range. Pictures do NOT do it justice. Well not our pics anyway.

Shorter day tomorrow due to shelter availability. Heading to Seeley Lake.

Click on the image below to view the video.

4 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 5 | Swan Lake to Holland Lake | 55 miles, 3,780 ft elevation | Roly Poly”

  1. Scenery is gorgeous !
    I liked Anna’s whistle around her neck.
    Do you guys wear them?
    I have one but I’ve never remembered to take mine on rides – 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do have whistles and use them! We also review states and capitals, rhyming games, and multiplication tables – anything to make a LOT of noise. Tomorrow we might try Truth or Dare. 😂


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