GDMBR Columbia Falls to Swan Lake| 57 miles, 3000 ft elevation | Tom Gets Chicked

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Any. Other. Day. Tom rides ahead of me and patiently waits until I catch up. He never complains. Today I had the chance to wait on him! Not sure if it was the bag of Sour Patch Kids or that we had overcast skies during our climb, but I actually cycled up front today on our climb.

There were scattered showers today and our Montana farmers need rain badly. Today we cycled through beautiful bucolic fields before hitting the high ground.

We are camping at Swan Lake tonight and didn’t anticipate any services but found a wonderful RV Park with a local tavern less than. 200 feet away. It was taco Wednesday tonight so you know… we did that. And a pork chop sammie.

Overall just a great day! Heck I’m just worried about finishing the dang thing (not the tacos the ride all the way to Antelope Wells) So today was a shocker. 😳

Heading to Holland Lake tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 🤞🏻