GDMBR Day 17 | Island Park to Squirrel Creek | 40 miles, 1,381 ft elevation | A “Nero” Day Cycling Along the Warm River

Riding Stats


From Tom:

We debated last night whether to take the alternate route to avoid riding in the deep lava sand on the 15 mile Yellowstone Brach Line rail trail. We decided to always “Float the main stream” and keep to the Great Divide main route when possible.

The deep lava only lasted a couple of miles and the remainder rode along the Warm River below and the view was absolutely breath taking.

We planned on a short ride today with a stop at a local golf course for lunch. I wanted to take some time to play the 9 hole course built up in the mountains, but decided we better head on down the road 😁.

Our final stop at Squirrel Ranch was just a few miles ahead. We were in need of a soft bed in a cabin, shower, and laundry followed by a good meal sitting and talking with our new friends Leeann and her dad Sheldon. Sheldon is a walking encyclopedia (google for the younger crowd).

We are looking forward to entering Wyoming tomorrow and heading to the Colter Bay area on Jackson Lake.

Click on the image below to view the video.

This is Nick. He does it all at the Squirrel Creek Ranch and he understands customer service. Thanks for everything, Nick!
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