#acaNoTier Avalanche to Babb via Logan Pass, 40 Miles | Logan Strong

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Today took us up and OVER Logan Pass on Going to the Sun Road. In the most fortunate series of events our friends Karl and Finn gave us a ride to Avalanche (the point at which cars are not permitted to travel up the pass).

As you may recall we rode toward Logan Pass as far as we could to the Loop a couple days ago on a rainy, cold day.

Just yesterday because we chose to ride toward Polebridge we learned the Pass was open to cyclists all the way and were encouraged to make the trek.

It was an unforgettable ride that despite some clouds went remarkably well.

Sometimes the things you think are going to be the hardest to do, don’t end up that way. That’s the way it was for us. #noprobs

Tom and I stayed close together all the way up. And we were awed by the incredible views.

Thanks to Karl and Finn for shuttling us up over roads we already covered.

We were unable to get pics or vids of a herd of big horn sheep on the way down the pass. Seeing them was also a high point.

Tonight we are camping in Babb, MT and wouldn’t you know it, we met another neighbor, Geoff, who is here for a Sprinter rally. What a fun guy to chat with. He gave us a deluxe tour of his Sprinter. Might be a home on the road for us someday after bicycle touring! Who knows?


4 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Avalanche to Babb via Logan Pass, 40 Miles | Logan Strong”

  1. Wow wow wow. I continue to marvel at God’s Country and the smiles that you guys exhibit throughout your journey! 😎😀😎😀😎😀🍀🍀🍀

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  2. WOW!! So impressive. I’m glad you had the road to yourself to enjoy the scenery with out all the cars. The water was flowing beautifully and much nicer than in the fall. Go get yourself a big steak dinner at the Cattle Baron Baron up the road at Babb😀. And I’m with you… the Sprinter Vans are looking better with every passing year. #PastTents

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    1. Thanks Garry! Chowing down some poutine in Mountain View, Canada today. It has rained all day. 😞 good news is we are only 13 miles from our stop for the night. More rain in the forecast so we are hotelling it.


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