#acaNoTier Libby to Eureka, 69 miles | Now Montana… Be Nice

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The day started like this…

And ended like this.

After another day of riding in cold rain, western Montana decided to throw in some high winds and much more elevation today.

The wind actually pushed us UP a couple of climbs which was fortunate but the way it changes direction in the mountains without notice is not something these Hoosiers are used to.

With four layers on, our bodies were staying pretty warm but our fingers and toes were numb. Also shelter wasn’t available. There is no way we could stop because without the body heat the peddling generated we’d get even colder. If there is such a thing as a hot mess in the cold, rainy conditions that would be me. lol (Not Tom)

Keeping the bikes between the rumble strips and the pavement edge with impaired vision due to wet eye glasses was another challenge.

After the rain ended the wind increased even more. We found a sheltered area to fire up the stove to make some hot tea, have lunch and the sun came out. For a minute.

As we approached Eureka there was rain surrounding us but not on us. The moment we crested the rise to turn right into town and find our camping spot for the night a rain/snow squall popped up and we dashed onto a parking lot which coincidentally was a motel also hosting riders in this wicked crazy event: self supported bike packers racing along the continental divide, Canada to Mexico. Yep we quickly booked a room and ended our day of cycling.

Critter sitings included another osprey, some deer and a fox that showed up when it started pouring, cute little guy.

All is well in western Montana but I sure wish she’d start playing nice.

Heading to Whitefish tomorrow and a day of rest. Yay!

5 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Libby to Eureka, 69 miles | Now Montana… Be Nice”

  1. Holy coy Debs, David Bowie’s Heroes, now that is Prog! By the way, you misspelled “sightings” in an earlier blog; i think it’s important to point that out. Seriously, do you all have any time in the schedule to take a full 24 hours to rest?

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    1. Whoops – I hate typos. My eyes are going batty tho with fixed distance in the bike of about 8 feet our and blogging with the cell. Isn’t that the best song?!


    1. Haha we don’t feel like we need one and it’s hard to stop when the momentum is going in the right direction. However a good friend of ours is flying out to Glacier so we want to connect with him in a few days on Cut Bank. Feeling good so far!


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