Northern Tier Ride Prep: Getting There

Gotta admit that Tom could not have planned it better. Here’s the skinny on the logistics:

We flew to Seattle, picked up a rental car and did touristy things like hit up the Seattle REI store and nap at the waterfront on Pike Street.

We met our nephew Jack and his lovely girlfriend, Jenni for sushi and stayed at their place downtown.

Thursday morning we took the long route to Bellingham REI through Le Conner and Mount Vernon. Every dang shrub and bush are flowering right now in Skagit County.

Picked up bikes at REI, shipped duffles home via UPS and then bought animal deterrents at ACE hardware. #nocougars

Lady at the register actually asked us if we wanted a stun gun to which I replied, “Only if you have a holster, ma’am.”

Drove back via Chuckanut Drive to Anacortes to check out the beginning of our route and then did some final gear and bag checks. Dinner and bevvies rounded out a perfect pre ride day with our friends the Andrades. We might want to be like them when we grow up.

We can’t wait to start riding tomorrow!

Click below for video recap:

8 thoughts on “Northern Tier Ride Prep: Getting There”

  1. Have fun and be safe! Love that you guys are doing this and can’t wait to hear all of the stores! Stay away from snakes!!!


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