#SD2KW, Day 11, Apache Junction to Coolidge, 42 miles | Game Stop

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Game Stop. And I don’t mean the meme stock. 😂 Two playoff games gave us a good reason to stop early, get a bevvie and pizza and do some route planning.

Another beautiful day weather wise. We finally “found our warm” in Coolidge.

By far the best part of our ride was getting off road for five or so miles. It gave us little reminders of our border to border Great Divide ride in 2021. No traffic. Off road.

We had three shouts outs that made us smile today.

1️⃣ The hostess at the KOA bought us coffee when she found out we were riding to Key West. She said we were her heroes.

2️⃣ Then we were riding through Queen Creek and a young guy in his car gave us a “heck yeah”, kept hollering and took video of us riding by on his phone.

3️⃣ Finally a road cyclist rode up by us at a stop light and asked us where we were going. When we said we were headed to Key West and he said “No $hit? Are you on Strava? I want to follow you.”😂

All in good fun and keeps us smiling. That, and warm temps. Coolidge hit 70 degrees today! We remain… in search of sun and warmth.

Click on the link below for more pics and vids:

10 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 11, Apache Junction to Coolidge, 42 miles | Game Stop”

  1. I love you accommodations worksheet. Years ago when we got our pop-up camper we kept a journal. date, place, how much we paid, weather and fun things that happened. It’s so fun to look back and remember that weekend. and originally we started doing it to see when we were camping free based on how much we paid for the camper. I think it took us 5 yrs to get the cost per night lower than a hotel!! 31 yrs later still have the camper and we still use it. Although not very much. Ride on!!

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    1. That is so cool! I think it’s almost as much fun to look back as it is to experience the first time. I like to keep track too in case anyone asks about mileage or where to stay. We are staying in an amazing state park tonight near Picacho Peak. Campers here too if you and Gus ever come this way. And there’s a DQ only a mile or so down the road. $30 a night to camp tho. 😕 Not like like the old days in our Indiana State Parks. I remember $9 a night for tent space.


      1. Yep $11 for campers. We had 4 kids and little money to spare. When it went to around $40 a night I about croaked!! What an adventure

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    1. Tom uses Strava regularly and his Garmin syches to it. My Strava accounts isn’t always accurate because my Garmin finicky. (Old model) The end of today’s ride was particularly beautiful through the state park. Thanks so much for following along. 😊


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