#SD2KW, Day 7, Quartzsite to Salome, 39 miles | To Tube or Not to Tube?

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As you remember yesterday, Tom’s bike tire picked up a nail that not only punched a hole in the bottom of the tire but perforated the tire’s sidewall. He plugged it and it seemed to hold as we started out. However as we cycled northeast toward Salome, the tire was going flat again.

We don’t carry extra tires, just bike tubes soooo – Tom put a new bike tube in. There are worse places to do bike repairs though. Look at the blue skies and palm trees.

Typically we use “tubeless” tires with sealant, meaning there are no bike tubes in the tire. (Like automobile tires) If the tire gets punctured the sealant repairs the hole instead of the tire going flat. We’ve never had a tire that didn’t “mend”. However we carry spare tubes just in case. That was the case today.

Once repaired we continued on grateful for sunny, blue skies and lots of cacti sitings.

Since we got a late start and were delayed during the day because of the tire we stopped in Salome. So glad we did as we met Carol and her husband Coop who were married at the buoy in Key West (our destination). We promised to celebrate and send them a pic when finished.

We “moteled” it tonight as temps are below 40 degrees again. When is the last time you paid $50 a night for a room? It has its little idiosyncrasies- like ya gotta get up in the middle of the night to flip the heater switch if ya want heat. But it’s probably the best hot shower we’ve had yet and it felt so good after being out in the chilling wind all day.

Interesting side story. Supposedly Salome was founded with the intention of becoming the next “Las Vegas” as Highway 60 runs right through it. Motels, cafes, dance halls and restaurants were built. About the time the last hotel was built, I-10 was completed nearby. The town is now home to just a little over 1,000 people.

Inn keeper Jeff and his wife are offering the property for sale for $500,000. With just 20 rooms and across the street from the Cactus Bar it has potential for a husband and wife side gig. I think Tom and I will pass and keep riding east although the Cactus Bar is 💯

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