#SD2KW | We Made It. Our Bikes Made It. Ride Starts Tomorrow!

Yesterday and today our goal was to get to San Diego with bods and bikes in tact. Done and Done. ✅ ✅

Two on-time and comfortable flights on Southwest brought us to San Diego and we were even greeted by a rainbow.

As luck would have it, we scored one of Uber’s top 10 drivers in the nation. #NotEvenJoking

We met our first friend of the trip not on bikes but in an Uber. Since Porfirio has picked up well over 23,000 fares I considered asking him for his business card in case we need a lift up and over the Tecate Divide in a couple days. Instead he asked for our blog address card which we happily gave him.

Bikes came through travel without a hitch and in no time Tom had them reassembled and lubed up. We put bike bags on and decided we deserved a burrito for all of our efforts.

After Mass on Wednesday morning which happens to be Tom’s birthday 🥳 we took a stroll through Historic Old Town which took up most the morning until we did a little shake out bike ride to the start line where we will begin tomorrow at the Pacific Ocean, dip our rear tires in the water and then begin riding east.

There’s a bit of planning, a little luck and a lot of working together to get to the start of a 3,400 mile bike ride. And even more to reach the end. We’re ready to launch!

Click on the image below for more pics and videos.

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