#SD2KW, Day 8, Salome to Wickenburg, 54 miles | Ground Hog Day (but not really)

Riding Stats


The day started out as most every other day with push-ups, planks, prayers and breakfast (grits for me and oatmeal for Tom). Loved the wall art and vibe of our cafe breakfast place.

We got on the road and our usual friend showed up (the head wind) and just 15 miles down the road, another flat tire. Same bike. Same tire. This place wasn’t as nice to change a flat as the day before as we were now in the scruff off the side of Highway 60.

This little wire is what took out Tom’s tire.

Faithful in all circumstances and knowing we’d figure it out together, we continued cycling toward Wickenburg, taking it a mile at a time and me mostly hugging the back of Tom’s bike to hide from the wind and watching his back tire hoping it would hold air. A quick lunch and phone call to a bike shop and we were off.

About 15 miles from town, we began to notice the wind stopped! And we had a scenic downhill ride all the way into Wickenburg. Yee Haw! 🤠

The day gets even better with a stay at a Best Western right next to the best Bar B Q we’ve ever eaten at Hassayampa Bar B Q.

As we were tearing into our food (the way most hungry cyclists do) I kept hearing a familiar voice from the adjacent table. Turns out it was Trace Adkins.

After he left the restaurant we asked owner John who the patron was and he confirmed it was Trace. John (a former long distance runner/cyclist who now ropes at rodeos) then let us know he and his brother Chef Michael and their pops just bought the restaurant.

Same start to the day but what a different ending from a week ago when we were eating chicken ramen in a dinky hotel in the middle of nowhere.

And hey if you’re ever traveling this way, Wickenburg, Arizona is a cool rodeo town with exceptional Bar B Q. Surrounded by mountains, there’s lots of outdoor fun too. So plan a stop!

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