#SD2KW, Day 10, Peoria to Apache Junction, 60 miles | Heading Off Route!

Riding Stats To Tempe | To Apache Junction


Route Tracker

Today was an urban day as we made our way through Peoria, Glendale, Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa and to our destination, Apache Junction. Here’s a screenshot of Google maps from my phone to give you an idea of the intricacies of navigating through a cluster of towns and a major metropolitan area.

The Phoenix area has a remarkable network of extensive bike trails and bike lanes that provide bridges and underpasses for cyclists and pedestrians. Oh if only the Monon had these back in Indy.😌

We don’t use Google to find our way but instead use a Garmin device made for bikes on which digital maps are loaded that we purchase from Adventure Cycling Association. There are eight Southern Tier maps (plus one down the Atlantic Coast we are using to get to Key West). Today we finished our first map as we entered Arizona State University in Tempe.

In addition to the digital maps on our Garmin which gives us turn by turn directions, we also have the paper maps that offer options on camping, stores, restaurants, and well duh … there are maps.

I say all this because this afternoon when we finished our first Adventure Cycling map, we are totally going off route because of the frigid temps up north. Bummer we will miss Emory Pass and visiting Silver City again. Not a bummer to miss frigid temps and possible snow at higher elevations. So for the rest of Arizona and all of New Mexico we are sans map.

Fellow bike travelers Mike and Sue did the same in early 2019 on their Southern Tier tour and have shared their bike itinerary with us. Check out their blog – they have cycled the perimeter of the US and they bring their bring their ukuleles. How cool is that? Thanks Mike and Sue!

Our stellar ride today ended in a KOA with fun neighbors, Buster and Jolly and their dog mom Collette who is traveling in her VW Beetle.

She’s written a book about her journey entitled “Be That Person.”

Just based on the van she drives and her choice of doggos it’s probs with the read.

Thanks for following along, and for the prayers and the encouraging words as we continue east in search of sun and warmth. Our legs and cardio get stronger each day!

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

12 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 10, Peoria to Apache Junction, 60 miles | Heading Off Route!”

      1. That would be fun! I feel like we have a lot in common. But if not, I already consider you my friend as we both tend to take big leaps. 😊


  1. I’ve been watching the weather and afraid it might be cold in the higher elevations. AZ can change 40 degrees in a very short drive. I was just down in that area in April. Send me a email if I can do any “back home” weather, road, or camping research for you. I don’t know all the area but have been there more than most Hoosiers. I found this quote on another site I follow just Friday
    “The difference between Adventure and Vacation is, with adventure you plan for and accept problems as they come, whereas vacation you seek no drama and plan for none. You are an adventurer”! Safe journey

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Garry you’re the best! That is a great quote. Look for that in an upcoming post. Regarding weather, we’ve planned hotel stops through the rest of Arizona because it’s going to be cold at night and we probs won’t be camping. We’ve had good cell service so far and have been keeping our fingers steady on the weather pulse. Definitely busts the usual bike tour budget even with staying in low end properties but better than freezing at night. Be well my friend!


  2. Deb and Tom! You rock! Take what you are given and you always make the best of it ! Blessings your way! As we are living the good life in Florida, for the month that is! 🌞🌞🙏🤩

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes we took our paddles and play every day! Also our bikes! We are renting on longboat key, just west of Sarasota! Pedal on !

        Liked by 1 person

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