#SD2KW, Day 12, Coolidge to Picacho Peak, 35 miles | Worth the Wait

Riding Stats


Besides taking in the football games in Coolidge we had another reason to ride a couple short days. We really wanted to visit Picacho (spanish for “peak”) Peak State Park. It was worth waiting for.

After a leisurely morning at the Grand Vista Motel we headed south toward Picacho. Heading out of town I kept noticing harvested cotton fields. Apparently that’s a huge cash crop for Coolidge. Who knew?

Every now and then we would just stop, take it all in and give thanks for everything, not just the sunshine but our faith, families, friends and each other.

Easy ride today that ended on a well paved frontage road next to I-10 with a stop at DQ and a quest for fresh fruit at the store next door. We didn’t find any apples but Jesse who rang us in for peanut M & Ms (‘cause they are like apples right?), threw in a free box of popcorn and said, “Keep making memories together.” Thanks Jesse… I strapped that to the front of my bike and we enjoyed it after our evening walk while watching the sun set.

Once at the state park we stopped in the Visitor Center, played with snakes and talked to a couple rangers about their wildlife cam and the park.

They were a bit surprised we’d be overnighting in a tent (getting down to 36 which means chilly pack up in the morning).🥶

If we’re ever back in the area we will stop here at Picacho State Park again. There’s a hike here that’s calling our name – and someone else we know. John, that’s a nod to you.🥾⛰️👀

Grateful for these trusty bikes as well! Salsa Cutthroats. 🌶️🚲🚵

Click on the image below to view more pics and vids:

15 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 12, Coolidge to Picacho Peak, 35 miles | Worth the Wait”

    1. That’s awesome Garry! We were on site A-20. I bet you will be seeing g some familiar sites the next few days on the blog. Thanks so much for following along. 😊🌵⛰️


    1. Have not seen ANY animals except a few dead ones and live birds. 😜 Tom says he is more worried about scorpions 🦂😳 Thanks for the follow!


  1. Can I ask what roads you are taking? I’m in Chandler (you might have hiked through here) and have been considering routes to Tucson.

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