#SD2KW, Day 4, Calexico to Brawley, 22 miles | Laying Up

Riding Stats


So today we rode just a little over 20 miles into Brawley as we are “laying up” in anticipation of longer mileage tomorrow. Supposedly there aren’t any places to camp or hotels for quite a distance.

Speaking of hotels… let’s just say we may be getting soft with three hotel stays in a row. 🤣 Unheard of on the Gardner bike tours.

We started the day off with a two mile walk to Our Lady of Guadalupe with an obstacle course to navigate and some interesting signage along the route.

The “We’re Number One for Number Two” in toilet rentals? How clever!

Once underway we began riding through the Imperial Valley which might be considered one big giant garden of sugar beets, alfalfa, lettuce and you guessed it… carrots. We kept seeing carrots all over the road and couldn’t figure out why. Had to snag a souvy for the road.

Something else to love about the Imperial Valley… during winter months the Valley averages more than eight hours of sunshine a day, which is the most sunlight of any place in the US. And that just makes me smile when I see this right outside my door.

The highlight of the day however was rendezvousing with my Uncle Tom and Aunt Debby (great names for a couple, eh?) on Highway 111. They were on their way from Arizona to California. Pics, hugs, and a brief chat will have to do until we celebrate the wedding of Tommy “Squirrel” and Bailey when we get back to Indy.

Wind advisory tomorrow for the Imperial Valley: NW winds 25-30 mph with gusts up to 50. Oh my what if it’s a tailwind? What if it’s a headwind? 😩 Whatever it is I’m sure there will be at least a few dust devils cycling through the dunes around Glamis.

To view more pics and vids click on the image below.

10 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 4, Calexico to Brawley, 22 miles | Laying Up”

  1. Feel like I’m on the road with you…minus the workout! Love viewing your videos, pictures and blog.
    Save a hotel night for when you get to Florida. Not sure I’m up to sleeping on the ground. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thoughts for today:

    1. Beautiful flowers.
    2. Beautiful smiles. (Even septic guy)
    3. Uncle Tom and Aunt Debby – coincidence? I don’t think so…
    4. You guys living a Caamp video.

    Ride on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really love your thoughts and prayers. Today was the toughest day by far x 100 so they are much appreciated. All is well tho! We made it! Look for more to come in the blog. ☺️


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