#SD2KW, Day 3, Boulevard to Calexico, 58 miles | Oh What a Ride

Riding Stats


Our ride followed the border wall for most of the day and we got closest to touching it riding through the small town of Jacumba.

We knew we had a big descent this morning and oh how sweet it was to bomb down it. And it was on I-8 so big wide shoulders provided a “no holding back downhill ride.” At nine miles it was one of the most exhilarating rides I can remember.

We also knew it would be cold with the headwind so we layered up. I tried to get video on my iPhone of the spectacular scenery but I got going way too fast on my bike to steer one handed and I didn’t bring the GoPro this trip.

After the descent we began a 33 mile section of flats that in some places, were below sea level. Such a different ride from yesterday. 😅

As we road into Calexico we cycled through the immense solar farm known as the Imperial Valley Solar Project. It was IMPRESSIVE and one of the largest in the world.

We stopped in Jack In The Box in Calexico for lunch and were ready to head out 25 more miles after having put in 58 miles already but then thought twice about putting two 80 mile days in back to back. So we decided to pivot and get a room for showers, laundry, a proper meal and some football playoff games. ‘Cause you know, we’re on vacay.

Thanks so much for following along, for your encouraging words, prayers and thoughts.

Click on the image below for more pics and vids.

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