#SD2KW, Day 2, Alpine to Boulevard, 36 miles | Bicycle Bootcamp

Riding Stats


More of the same today with regard to sun, bluebird skies and climb but dang it’s like we’re in Bicycle Bootcamp with the headwind. It was cold and relentless most of the day – so much so, we didn’t make it to our planned stop.

We woke up very cold despite sleeping in our puffy coats and other cold weather clothing but the rain the night before made everything wet and damp (and colder).🥶

Remember Dahlia mentioning the aggressive male turkey when we checked in?

Well guess who showed up for breakfast and then chased us out of the campsite because we had no turkey kibble for him and his lady friend.

Because of the rain last night Tom had to pack up the tent soaking wet which made for very cold hands and a heavier load. We dried it out for a while but were anxious to get back down to reasonable elevation so it would be warmer to camp tonight. Remember that we are on an “Escape the Cold” bike tour.

Early in the day the route took us on the Interstate, or Freeway as they call it out here.

Once off I-8 we began a series of ups and downs and the headwind amped up. We road even less distance today but with more elevation. Tom was doing great waiting for me when I dropped back but my stamina was diminishing. We were running out of light again, and determined we wouldn’t make the next 18 miles down hill to camp in warmer temps before the sun dropped behind the mountains. So we splurged on a small local motel.

Lots of reasons to smile today though! Mid day Tom found the perfect place to make lunch, water down and take a bio break.

And we did make it up and over the Tecate Divide.

Tomorrow we WILL get off this bump!

And we will get a more substantial dinner. 😂

To view more pics and vids click on the image below.

11 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 2, Alpine to Boulevard, 36 miles | Bicycle Bootcamp”

    1. I appreciate that so much! Layering up right now with all the warm stuff for the ride down! And it’s nice and sunny! ☀️ Thanks for the follow, Lisa!


    1. Awww that made my day! I’m trying to be a “Barney”. Called it a day at 58 miles today (great riding btw). Doing laundry now and just switched someone’s load to the dryer, complements of Deb. Pay it forward I say!


    1. I’ve heard weather typically moves west to east but surface winds move every which way. 🤣 Who knows? 🤷🏼‍♀️ I like your forcast for tailwinds btw. 👍🏻👍🏻


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