#SD2KW, Day 5, Brawley to Palo Verde, 67 miles | A Sand Sandwich With a Side of Wind

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Today was an unforgettable day of beauty, difficulty and teamwork. Uncle Tom and Aunt Debby let us know the road conditions from Brawley to Blythe. So we were prepared for lack of shoulder and dips which made for no line of site.

They also shared more about the Algodones Dunes (45 miles long and 6 miles wide) near the old train stop of Glamis. Not only will the dunes mesmerize you with their ever changing beauty, they are a heap of off road fun!

What we weren’t prepared for is the relentless strong headwinds. All. Day. Long.

The blowing sand was everywhere and I felt like I was eating a sand sandwich. 😂

Later when the wind picked up and the line of sight diminished due to dips in the road and no shoulder, I wondered if we should just throw down off the road somewhere and put up the tent to get some relief but Tom thought we could get through it. And since he pulled all day, least I could do was follow if he was willing to lead.

If ever the road shifted and it wasn’t a direct wind, at times it was difficult to keep the bike upright with the side wind.

We stopped short of Blythe due to daylight and well… we were tired and hungry. After snagging a cozy site aside the Colorado River, we put up the tent, locked bikes, changed clothes and ate our breakfast burritos for dinner.

What a day to remember! And what an excellent training day! 💨🚴🏼‍♂️🚴🏼‍♀️

Thanks for the send off, Cali! Tomorrow we cross the Arizona state line!

To view more pics and vids click on the image below:

19 thoughts on “#SD2KW, Day 5, Brawley to Palo Verde, 67 miles | A Sand Sandwich With a Side of Wind”

    1. It was nuts – gusts up to 55 mph. Don’t think we would do it again. ☺️ But now I’m eating the other half of my burrito in my tent and AOK!


    1. I forgot to write in the blog that the name of mountains we rode through were the Chocolate Mountains. I kept thinking about Hershey kisses. 🍫 💋


  1. I’m not sure if I want to laugh or cry after watching that vid (a little of both, to be real). That was some ferocious wind! Exhilarating and frightening at the same time. God bless and comfort you both, as you continue to eat your elephant, and a rather large elephant at that, one bite at a time!
    Ride on.

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    1. Thanks Mike! It’s a day we will def remember. Glad you liked the vid. I usually make those first and it drives the content of the blog. Pics help us remember the day when they start running together after being on the road a while. Will keep marking off the miles… one bite at a time! 🐘


  2. Gus has a saying – “There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!” When I saw the picture of you guys in the wind I thought of that comment. You were properly dressed. What an awesome trip. You make it look so easy. 1/25/23 cold and snowy here. Love the blue sky.

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