GDMBR Day 26 | CR 602 to Brush Mountain Lodge | 44 miles, 3,297 ft elevation | Hello Colorado!

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And just like that… the topography changed as we entered Colorado. There was only a sign that let us know we were LEAVING Wyoming. The green trees around us and distant daunting mountains let us know we were in Colorado. It’s a new state for us to cycle in!

After shaking our bags, sleep pads, clothes and tent out from the dust storm the night before we were on our way to Brush Mountain Lodge which is an iconic stop on The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

We watered down at the remote Sandstone Work Center Cabin where we met Elwin and Roxie who are hosts. Roxie goes through 125 pounds of sugar in four months feeding the hummingbirds. Elwin built his own seven hole golf course. These two are livin’ their dream.

After a lunch stop off the side of the road we set our sites on BML. More climbing, more scenic views, and a lot of Jolly Rancher chewies for me.

We turned the corner on a climb and there it was! The Lodge! Kirsten welcomed us with hugs, a shaded porch and a pizza cooked in her wood fired oven (one large pizza for each of us). And yes we ate it all.

BML is a magical place that welcomes hikers, cyclists, motorcyclists, and hunters in the winter – really anyone! Cool thing is… if you arrive under your own power (bike or hike) Kirsten offers a 50% discount on rooms. Pretty awesome. Thanks Kirsten. She also did a load of laundry for us. I’d say she’s another patron Saint of Bikepackers.

Kirsten, another patron Saint of Bikepackers. Doing what she loves to do – take care of people. She’s the best!

Northbounders refer to Colorado as the “high peaks” state – lots of mountain passes. We are feeling stronger and so grateful.

We’re also very much looking forward to a rendezvous with our Indy buds Dan and Christie in Salida in a few days. Probs gonna take a zero day (maybe two)! Whooo hooo 🤙🏻

Click on the image below to view the video.

One thought on “GDMBR Day 26 | CR 602 to Brush Mountain Lodge | 44 miles, 3,297 ft elevation | Hello Colorado!”

  1. I found this on BikeSleepBike and have been binging. It’s a good mix of helpful information and inspiration. Must have been tough to stay motivated and positive through the Great Basin.
    I’ll refer back to this as I plan my GDMBR ride in summer of 2023.

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