GDMBR Day 21 | Strawberry Safety Shelter to Pinedale | 58 miles, 1,572 ft elevation | Hold On! I’m Coming!

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Today’s theme is “Hold On, Tom! I’m Comin!” If it wasn’t the narly rocks coming down Union Pass, it was the headwind. And if it wasn’t the headwind, I needed to make a clothing change, or change my Spotify playlist or grab a snack. Thank goodness Tom was behind me at one point, because my Oofoos sandal fell off my seat bag. #bikerideprobs Thanks for your patience, Tom!

We said so long to Chere and passed Mosquito Lake, the place we were were thinking about camping. Gorgeous!

We stood in awe of a beautiful herd of elk as they moved on up to higher ground. The high meadow at daybreak was breathtaking.

Our roll into Pinedale was punctuated with scenic views, fellow bikepackers and of course ATVs with a few prancing pronghorn thrown in for good measure.

Pinedale did not disappoint. We resupplied, showered up, did laundry, new rear brake pads for my bike and hit up the money spitter.

More of Wyoming to come!

Click on the image below to view the video.

3 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 21 | Strawberry Safety Shelter to Pinedale | 58 miles, 1,572 ft elevation | Hold On! I’m Coming!”

  1. Love reading your blog at the end of the day.. thanks so much for sharing, beautiful scenery and what stories you two will have .. your amazing! Stay safe❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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