GDMBR Day 14 | Grant to Deadwood Gulch | 56 miles, 2,999 ft elevation | Holy Cow It’s Windy!

Riding Stats


Today was all about the cows. And the wind. I think that Montana is slowly introducing us to Wyoming, the state known for its strong enduring winds.

We also saw a badger and a nice sized herd of big horn sheep. They blend in so well with the landscape they are hardly noticeable. And oh yea I accidentally ran over a small snake. Didn’t mean to. Just happened.

Both of us are salivating in our tent right now for a LaCroix. We have been drinking lots of water but it’s just not quenching our thirst. It wasn’t super hot today but the route over Medicine Lodge Divide was all day sun and sun wind.

Click on the image below to view the video.

Looking forward to hitting Lima tomorrow in about 15 miles for some carb loading – like carbonation. We need some COLD bubbly water.

Had pepperonis and string cheese on tortillas for din din with assorted other snacks. Not missing the stove. Not one bit.

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