GDMBR Day 9 | The Llama Ranch to Helena | 39 miles, 3,166 ft elevation | That’s a Wrap on this Map

Riding Stats


And just like that… we are finished with the first map. When we first loaded our Garmins with digital maps we had 371 miles to go and 28 climbs. All done with those now. ✅

Lemme tell ya… there were MORE than 28 climbs. I don’t know who’s doing the counting but they need to check themselves. 😂 An added bonus – we are out of grizzly country so no more singing and states and multiplication review to alert bears we’re in their lane.

The morning started with a very peaceful ride to the beginning of Mullan Pass.

Another chunky climb lead to majestic open countryside at about 6,500 feet. Soon after, we dropped down to open cattle grazing until the route brought us to Priest Pass. This wide open Montana is different from what we experienced last week but equally spectacular. It’s so vast.

Next as luck would have it (‘cause we’ve been pretty lucky 🍀 on this ride so far), we ran into the Dicksons, a northbound couple I’ve been following on Instagram. It’s a lot of fun running into these folks in the middle of nowhere. I feel like I already know them.

In Helena this evening sleeping with pillows and sheets yay! Tomorrow we ride to Basin.

Click on the image below to view the video.

5 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 9 | The Llama Ranch to Helena | 39 miles, 3,166 ft elevation | That’s a Wrap on this Map”

      1. Your videos and blogging makes my day‼️ Even after long hauling or chunkin!! Continued success! Pedal on , Dynamic Duo 🤠

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