GDMBR Day 52 | Hachita to Antelope Wells | 45 miles, 558 ft elevation | That Last Day

Riding Stats


Here’s how it all went down.

Although the Biology students left the Hachita Community Center after dinner for a little overnight camping trip they came back before midnight because of lightning (sans snakes). Soooo the last night alone was over. 😂

It was hot in the building and we weren’t used to that. Plus, Anne and John decided they’d push through and drive to Las Cruces so we could finish on Thursday which meant no zero in Hachita 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻. We were a bit restless because of the heat and concerned about their safety driving so long… and it turns out it would be our last night. All this contributed to a restless night.

We got up at our usual time at 6am, packed up for the last time and got to the Food Mart by 7am when it opened and we coffeed up.

The plan was that Anne and John would leave Las Cruces and meet us along the way and it worked beautifully.

We savored every mile, even enjoyed a little tailwind at the beginning and kept pinching ourselves to ensure we weren’t dreaming… that we really did this… rode our bikes southbound, border to border, 2,594 miles and climbed 153,610 feet of elevation, averaging 52 miles a day.

Just as planned, they came cruising up behind us with about 15 miles to the Mexican Border!

We, hugged, chatted a bit and then cruised that last 15 stretch of road to the finish with smiles as big as Texas.

At the border we gave that security fence a righteous slap, snapped some pics at the Antelope Wells sign and loaded the bikes on the Sube, but not before giving each other and our Cuttys a big ole kiss. We all performed and got the job done.

As with recalling our Northern Tier ride, we’ll do a summary post after we reflect, run some numbers and try to get our civilization brains working again. Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. What a grand ride! We. Are. Grateful.

Click on the image below to view the video.

10 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 52 | Hachita to Antelope Wells | 45 miles, 558 ft elevation | That Last Day”

  1. Congratulations. I bet that southern border sign was an amazing sight to see! I can’t wait to see what your next adventure will be.

    Thanks for taking us along with your blog.

    If you’d ever like to meet up in Kentucky for some riding, I’d be happy to host you.


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    1. Aww thank you and of course we’d be happy to host you in Indy! Seriously! Not sure what the next adventure will be. I love the way extended bike tours “reset” one’s life. So much to learn and live with. God Bless and let’s keep in touch! ☮️💟🤗

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  2. Epic! It was fun to follow and we developed many questions. We would love to pester you with them! Next summer, we do the northern tier but we’re putting GDMBR on our list! Hachita is not the best place for a 2 day layover, so glad it worked out for you. We stayed at the community center there 2 years ago on our Southern Tier Crossing. It was hot that night, too. Imagine that!

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    1. The Hachita CC was probably the most challenging sleeping conditions the whole trip and we were grateful not to stay two nights (but also grateful to be able to stay one night.) LOL I didn’t know ST and GDMBR intersected there. Thanks for following us, Mike! Cool that you’re riding NT next year and would love to connect about the GDMBR. Seems like a dream already. This morning, before I even made out a grocery list I updated our bike adventure list. We always have to have something in the hopper for sure. Let’s stay in touch. 😉


  3. Absolutely amazing!! I am in awe. I have been near many of those areas from Canada to Mexico and I know the territory and weather. You two should feel so proud! I hope you bind all this in a book for your descendants to read years from now. As they say at the end of the Jungle Cruise attraction at Disney World. “Now comes the most dangerous part of our journey, the return to civilization”. I sure hope we meet one day. Congratulations. I’ll miss my daily read

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    1. That civilization re-entry is something else but at least this time we kind of knew what to expect. Looking forward to meeting you sometime!


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