GDMBR Day 40 | Hopewell Lake to Abiquiu | 55 miles, 2,582 ft elevation | Feast or Famine

Riding Stats


We packed up quickly this morning and got an early start feeling a little anxious about not having much food for a 55 mile ride with elevation. And if the road surface was anything like yesterday we would definitely bonk before an opportunity to resupply.

The roads were actually in better condition today and it seemed like New Mexico was starting to show us her sweeter side.

The first store was open but it was a little stand and no one was there to sell us anything. So we headed toward El Rito. There was a small local restaurant that was about to open and a convenience store but they only accept cash. Whoops! We hadn’t counted on that one. No banks, no ATM, cash only. We had $14. After purchasing some drinks and snacks we started toward Abiquiu.

We were starting to worry… really? No one takes cards? We should have thought about that. With a storm chasing us (again) we saw a Family Dollar about three miles out of Abiquiu. Problem solved. They take credit cards and do cash back. We’re back in biz!

We cruised into the Abiquiu Inn where they wanted to know if we’d like a couple glasses of homemade lemonade while they ensured our room was ready. What? Yes please!

It’s an oasis of comfort on the Great Divide. We ate at their restaurant… twice in the same day.

It’s feast or famine on our ride it seems with regard to food, water, road conditions and weather. And we’ve learned a lot about expectations. Maybe not to have any and then we will always be surprised. 💁‍♀️

And oh about the bike riding… more downhill than uphill today. Yay! Not what we expected.

Click on the image below to view the video.

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