GDMBR Day 50 | Lake Roberts to Silver City | 31 miles, 2,720 ft elevation | Forever Young

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Great Divide riders know once you hit Silver City it’s pretty much a slam dunk to the end of the ride. All of the big climbs are finished and most of the rough terrain is in the rear view mirror. There’s still the possibility for mud, excessive heat, rattle snakes and scorpions but the finish line is in our sites! 🏁🏁🏁

The ride this morning out of Lake Roberts provided stunning views of forested land and mountains on such a clear morning. It was a ride to enjoy not just endure. It was so nice to let loose on the paved descents, something we haven’t done in a while.

We rolled into Silver City about noon, checked to see if our room at the historic Murray Hotel was ready and it wasn’t yet sooo… down to Little Toad we went for food and bevvies.

We returned to the Toad for a farewell feast with the posse. John, Steve, Tylor and Alex are all staying at the hostel in town and strolled in wearing borrowed hostel clothes (due to laundry logistics). We exchanged stories, a lotta laughs, discussed how much weight had been lost (there’s a scale at the hostel) and even the best way to apply chamois cream. I did not weigh in on this one. Everyone at the table had the brownie sundae! It was delish – thanks Tylor. They will all be finishing in the next day or two.

And… we learned that John is the same age as us! We are, and will be, Forever Young.

We will be in Silver City a couple days until the final push to Antelope Wells on Thursday and Friday. Until then… hugs!

Click on the image below to view the video.

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