GDMBR Day 37 | Cow Camp to Platoro | 37 miles, 4,715 ft elevation | Birthday on Indiana Pass

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We couldn’t have planned it but it turned out that I’d spend my birthday climbing Indiana Pass, the highest pass on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Yep it was kinda hard. We had a 10 mile jump start since we began the ride from Cow Camp but it was still challenging. And then throw in Schintzel Flats and Stunner Pass for good measure and it was a full day although our mileage wasn’t high. The views were some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen. And it was a stellar day to view them weather wise.

Stomping on pedals all day in the mountains gave us a lot of time to think about how we got this far and who helped us along the way. So many times when we got a weather break we would say “Thanks Mamaw” (Tom’s mom who is probably still worrying about our bike travels even though she’s in heaven). And for my dad, Fred, who’s always been a fellow adventurer and lifelong learner, thinking about what he would take from this ride. Gosh both of us are so grateful for our parents who have been (and continue to be) positive influencers in our lives. Hats off to Morris, Mamaw, Fred and Carol. We’d never gotten this far on Indiana Pass or in life without you.

We are staying in a cute retro cabin in Platoro with a stream running right off our back porch. Although there is no cell service or wifi but they happily share their staff laundry with divide riders (no charge) and sold tortillas and peanut butter from their kitchen since we’re out. The comfty bed, shower, freshly laundered clothes, and tasty town food topped off the day. Thanks to Tom for making it one of the most memorable birthdays ever.

Tomorrow we cross into New Mexico, the last state on the Divide. The outlook for the next 700 miles or so is very rocky and very remote and probably really hot. ✌🏻

Click on the image below to view the video.

6 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 37 | Cow Camp to Platoro | 37 miles, 4,715 ft elevation | Birthday on Indiana Pass”

  1. 🎶How the hell did you get there?🎶🤠…….Smiling, perseverance, and talent to start.😎What a treat to follow. Thanks, Duo. A wealth of inspiration 🍀‼️

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