GDMBR Day 32 | Hartsel to Salida | 47 miles, 2,480 ft elevation | Rendezvous on the Mountain

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This is going to be a quickly post ‘cause we have friend bidness to tend to but what a stellar day! Descending into Salida in anticipation of meeting our friends, Dan and Christie, was unforgettable.

The rain moved out of the area last night leaving clear blue skies, green grass, white clouds and cows with horns (yes big horns) which all made for a peaceful, memorable ride.

Everyone said the ride into Salida was a treat and we were looking forward to it. Not only for the scenic descent but also we knew our buds were on their way up to meet us.

Tom was filming an overlook having no idea Christie was riding around the corner. That girl rode eleven miles ⬆️ to meet us. All the way up. Impressive! And we were so surprised to see her at the top.

Dan rode over halfway up and then selected the perfect place to take pics and vids of us coming down. Not only that, he had a celebratory ice cold beer selected for us. These two… they could not have made it more special.

Down into Salida we rode with Dan leading the way to a comfty condo with a 360 rooftop view of the town and mountains.

Today is our first zero day. Cheers!

Click on the image below to view the video.

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