GDMBR Day 29 | Kremmling to Blue River | 42 miles, 3,097 ft elevation | “Sh’Ute” That Wasn’t So Hard

Riding Stats


Today’s “main event” was getting up and over Ute Pass. It sure was easier than yesterday’s ride: paved, no rain, and just one pass. Maybe we are getting stronger?

Tom saved his Oatmeal Cream Pie as a treat for reaching the top of the Pass. I need little perks along the way so ate the rest of my Goetz candies on the way up.

We did a celebration dance at the top. We’re over half way completing the ride, we’ve cycled in a new state and Ute Pass is ✅

The view at the top of Ute was stunning with a line of high, jagged mountains as far as we could see. They look like clouds in the photos.

We have a couple short days before meeting our pals in Salida so we delayed our start this morning and took all the bags off our bikes and cleaned them up. They were wicked nasty from yesterday’s ride. We kicked around town, purchased a few provisions and devoured sausage breakfast burritos. #delish

We also had the first opportunity to hit Mass up while en route to New Mexico as their was a small Catholic Church right across the street from the Budget 8. So much to be grateful for and so great to be back at Mass!

We planned on camping at Blue River Campground about 10 miles north of Silverthorne but as luck would have it, a gentleman stopped us on the side of the rode and offered us a place to stay for the night. His son and daughter raced the TransAmerican trail a couple years back and he knows Great Divide riders can always use a favor. Thanks for the night’s stay and the Mexican food, Paul!

Tomorrow’s menu includes Boreas Pass (the second highest on the ride at almost 11,500 feet) with of course… a side of rain.

Click on the image below to view the video.

2 thoughts on “GDMBR Day 29 | Kremmling to Blue River | 42 miles, 3,097 ft elevation | “Sh’Ute” That Wasn’t So Hard”

  1. Hard to believe you’re 1/2 way already. I hope your day isn’t too rainy and muddy. Glad you were able to receive the Eucharist – the best possible food for your journey.

    Looks like you’re really making the most of the trip. Prayers for continued safety and wonderful encounters along the way.

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