Show and Tell with the Second Grade

Well this was a fun way to spend a Tuesday afternoon! Tom and I were invited to the second grade classroom for a Q & A session, or show and tell if you’re a second grader. So we loaded our bikes up with exactly the same gear, wore the same clothes and rode 2.5 miles to school to answer more questions about our ride, our bikes and how to eat crawfish like a Cajun.

The most entertaining part was what each second grader got out of the blog posts as they followed our journey as evidenced by the prepared questions they asked and questions prompted by our answers. The questions came from all different perspectives depending on their interests and curiosities.

And if the time spent with these eight-year-olds wasn’t enough, we received a packet of of handwritten, illustrated thank you cards that brought big smiles to our faces. Below are just a few.

Thanks to the second grade students and their teachers for the follow. In a little less than three weeks, we’re heading out again on a thousand mile Scramble. Check it out here.

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