#acaNoTier Orland to Bar Harbor, 47 Miles | Northern Tier Complete!

Riding Stats


Route Tracker

We made it!! We rode our bikes across the country almost 4,200 miles!

Tonight we are celebrating that accomplishment and giving thanks to God for a safe journey.

Stay tuned for a overall ride recap and stats but until then here’s a recap of today’s ride:


13 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Orland to Bar Harbor, 47 Miles | Northern Tier Complete!”

  1. Very, very, very cool! Job well done. I have enjoyed following your adventure. I think I will start my training with the beer/pizza/cigar thing I saw on the last day!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for following along this summer. As we get back to “it” (yard word, grocery shopping, and all of that) it seems like what we did is only a dream. Like lyrics in one of the songs in the vids “we will all be changed.” I just hope we can hang onto a little of that which we felt on our bikes. It was the coolest thing we have ever done!


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