#acaNoTier Naples to Brunswick, 48 Miles | What Are YOUR Questions?

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Ok all we have been doing for the last eight weeks is sharing about us… mostly about weather, wind direction, road surface, rumble strips, elevation, stinky sleeping bags and FOOD. #boring

Some folks have asked questions via text, Facebook or WordPress and we’ve answered a few individually but we were thinking it might be helpful to share them in one space – here on the blog.

So. Over the next couple days we will post them here on the blog and you won’t have to hear anymore about road surfaces, wind direction or hills. Thank goodness. Right?

Now if we happen to see a moose you’ll be the first to know. But otherwise what other questions do you have?

Send them via text, email, FB or WordPress. Over the next couple days we’ll answer.

We are scheduled to finish at the pier in Bar Harbor on Monday. Yay!

If you are interested in today’s ride report here it is:




Humongous sunflower garden.

Tasty sit down breakfast at the Citgo gas station.

Best dinner ever with warm shower host John at Frontier.

Remember… send us some questions before Monday so we don’t have to blog about stanky tents and gas station food reviews anymore.


2 thoughts on “#acaNoTier Naples to Brunswick, 48 Miles | What Are YOUR Questions?”

  1. Hallo, this is Uli from Germany. I followed your blog the last two months. You are Living my Dream.
    Two Questions:
    1. the original Northern Tier goes through Iowa and Illinois and then to the east. What path did you follow? Obviosly not the NT.
    2. How much Money do I need doing the same as you did? Two months travelling through the states by bike.

    Thank you for your answer.
    Godd luck for the last part of your trip. you are my heroes!


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