#acaNoTier East Thetford, VT to North Woodstock, NH, 47 Miles | Bookends Make for Short Rides with Tall Climbs

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It’s been a big week! A couple new states, turning to the last map, a bear siting and these eastern climbs.

Seriously, the Northern Tier route might as well be nicknamed “Bike the Bookends” as that describes the route with elevation at each end of the county and flats in the middle.

I believe my legs are as strong as they have ever been. We left on our bike adventure two months ago today and have taken just four rest/recovery days yet still I struggle on some of this elevation.

It’s not a bad thing. It’s just a reality check. There is a lot of weight on an already heavy bike so at times it’s just a grind up these hills/mountains.

When I cannot absolutely pedal one more rotation I quickly unclip my right foot and step down. My legs quiver from the work I’m asking them to do. But… the mind, the heart and even the legs are willing to try again a couple minutes later. It’s definitely a humbling experience and at the same time, gratifying.

On this bike trip, having so much time to think while riding, I’ve come up with so many metaphors for life. There’s a lot you can relate to cycling, especially when encountering tailwinds, steep elevations, living simply, navigation, companionship, mentoring and yep, even solitude.

Tom has been super strong on the climbs and successfully reached the top without rests and waits patiently for me until I get to the top. Dang am I ever glad when I see him… then I know I’m finally at the top, not just a false summit. Good for another metaphor.

Tomorrow is our last big climb of the trip on the Kancamagus Highway. From then on it’s “mainly Maine” with shorter yet more regular hills.

Although we planned on camping near Lincoln to be close to the beginning of the big climb in the morning, we stopped short in North Woodstock due to incoming steady rain.

We got lucky and found an Inn, brewery and fantastic restaurant all wrapped up in one for a reasonable rate. Yay!

Looks like there may be a little weather coming in over the next few days but still we are soaking in these last miles on the Northern Tier.

Rain or shine we are so grateful for this opportunity and appreciate the messages, comments, prayers and donations.

7 thoughts on “#acaNoTier East Thetford, VT to North Woodstock, NH, 47 Miles | Bookends Make for Short Rides with Tall Climbs”

    1. And to think that you, Karl and Barb were with us in those first couple weeks. Seems like so long ago. Thanks for all your support Finn!


      1. Truly a pleasurable experience in Glacier and happy as hell for the two of you and your journey! Quite an accomplishment. 50 in 50 wasn’t too shabby, either 🤣


  1. Great video, I never heard that song but loved it and several of the roads looked like you were all alone. Today’s quote…“I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you’re climbing it.” — Unknown. Just keep pedaling! Garry Rollins

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  2. Love the pics of New England. I also like your admission that it’s still physically hard even at your level of fitness. Enjoy your final few days of the trip of a lifetime. 😎

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    1. It is so beautiful up here in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine and we are seeing it just in the summer. I bet the spring, winter and fall are equally as nice.

      So glad you stuck with the blog all these weeks, Kathleen. As time went on it seems like all we wrote about was food, weather and road surface but it was so much more than that. 😊


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