The Katy Trail: Getting There

Route and Stats

We made it! We hopped on the train at the Kirkwood Station, rode it to Sedalia where we saddled up on the bikes and rode about 40 miles to Clinton which is the start of the Katy Trail.

Nothing says “get out of my way” like a train.

Unfortunately the recommended place to camp at the Community Center is closed. Everything is closed in Clinton.


It’s stealth camping tonight. As we are rule followers, we are a little out of our element but there is a sling shot, solo female camper in the same situation so she has her tent pitched near ours.

Here’s our camp spot. Right in that grassy area in front of the railroad car. I won’t sleep a wink worried we will get a camping ticket. Or worse. Eric, Clayton, do you know any good bail bondmen in Missouri?

So how was the ride? Remarkable? No. Epic? No. Fun. Yep! And the people are always the best! BTW I saw one box turtle.

After the ride we cooked up a little dinner and took a sink bath and chillaxed.

These trail angels Tim and Kat that we met near Windsor circled back this evening for a neighborly visit and brought provisions. #midwesternerssrock

And guess what else happened!? Tom and I grew telephone poles out of our heads!

God Bless and good night!

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