The Eastern Divide Trail (EDT)

At just under 6,000 miles, the Eastern Divide Trail will be the longest contiguous off-road bikepacking route in the world. Although it’s still in development and not projected to be completed until July 2023, sections of the route are being released for those who may want to give them a spin.

Section Six, the Blue Ghost, was the first one to be published and it appears we’ll be re-visiting some of our old haunts from the Appalachian Gravel Growler. We always said we wanted to return to that area and give it another go. Blue Ghost starts in Damascus, VA and ends in Mulberry Gap, GA.

Although the Blue Ghost is the second shortest section at just 600 miles, it boasts the most elevation gain. Take a good look at this section by clicking here. The photos, remarks and maps may entice you to give it a try as well. The route’s gorgeous and we can’t wait to return to the areas previously cycled and explore the rest of the Blue Ghost, well maybe except for that easement on the Gravel Growler. #ouch

Our plan for riding the EDT is to begin cycling at the beginning, Cape Spear Newfoundland and cycle all way to Key West. There is a tentative Grand Depart date in July 2023. We’d like to be a part of that first group to ride (not race) this carefully crafted bikepacking route.

The following sections have been published: Section 1 | Boreal | 560 miles, Section 4 | Trillium | 700 miles, Section 5 | Hellbender | 730 miles and as mentioned above, Blue Ghost. Look for more to come as this ambitious off-road bike trail develops.

Hats off to, its mission, leadership, employees, volunteers and benefactors. The EDT is going to be nothing less than spectacular and we are most grateful.

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